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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 14, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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moved out and a welcome sight for many after the drenching weekend across the bay area. >> good morning, i am matt keller here for natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. a busy morning. welcome to monday. meteorologist mike nicco? >> good morning, everyone. live doppler hd shows boundary from discovery bay through livermore and sunol grade and fremont and to los altos sliding to the southeast. our best chance of light showers for the morning commute. the exploritorium shows the clouds protecting up so get ready for sunshine, 44 to 54 this morning and by noon in the mid-to-upper 50s and topping out at 60 at 4:00 and enjoy a quiet evening in the low-to-mid 50s. wondering if the rain is become to average? sue? >> yes, checking on the south bay commute we have highway 280 headed in the northbound direction the 880 overcrossing right here and we have traffic into cupertino with this delays.
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a couple of problems coming off the waldo grade next report. >> breaking news in san francisco a passive fire destroys what is last of a mission district apartment building and this is the same building that burned 14 months ago. we are showing what remains. alyssa? >> you can see the building is boarded up she firefighters had to cut their way in. this building was condemned after another fire tore through it a year ago. firefighters were called at midnight and arrived to find flames shooting out the roof, the three-alarm fire spread very quickly burning debris. it was supposed to be vacant after the fire in january of last year that killed one and displaced others. the firefighters are suspicious. someone get inside and started this fire.
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>> it was boarded up and there should have been no one inside and no heat source so we probably had squatters inside. probably had a heat source that get it going. it is still under investigation. that is my best guess. >> people who live in the building across the street had to be evacuated and their permit suffered water damage after the fire last area and you can see fires are still on the scene with the ladders up and check for hotspots to make sure there are no more flareups this morning. >> we developing news in the east bay this morning, pg&e cruise are working to restore gas service to 2,500 customers in moraga, a look at scene where a sinkhole formed yesterday. the pole fell and severed a gas pipe causing a leak the hundreds were cleared from a busy shopping center and 24 hour fitness. the leak was capped at midnight.
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pg&e said 100 service representatives are going door to door to light pilot lights. >> a landslide threatening to rip two homes from their foundation. you can see the damage. any moment, a shift in the soil could destroy both of the themes. homeowners in moraga country club say the land starting move on tuesday between two houses and now has claimed were of the hill and ripped away a moment's deck and foundation. it is threatening a neighboring home. east bay mud owns the land and residents plain the utility for not doing more to prevent the landslide after a small landslide several months ago. >> you would think the utility would know this was a possibility. and to not warn the community about it seems negligent. east bay mud will hire an expert to assess the situation and credit a plan on how to keep the land from sliding more.
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>> imagine the person wake up to find this tree on top of the car. it toppled over at 1:00 a.m. in oakland. the combination of a lot of rain and strong winds was too much. >> the latest storm took down plenty of trees throughout san francisco up to 50 by last night. a large branch snapped and fell on top of a car at 33rd avenue and lincoln park play ground. >> i looked out the window watching a squirrel jump branch to branch to branch and it started coming down slowly and, move, on top of the car. >> no one was hurt. >> folks in danville in more more mop-up where a mess for people that live at the billion office the hill are contending with this mess a backyard now is filled with dirt and debris. >> crew could finish knocking down the apartment on the edge
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of a cliff in pacifica. the rain did not step the weekend demolition. people would live there moved out in 2010 because erosion weakened the ground. it was worse this winter and the city could nut wait to tear the down. >> >> track the rain where you live on live doppler hd on the free abc news app for the latest weather conditions and closures and updates download the app and enable the push alerts. >> the hot cop of the castro will be in court for preliminary hearing charged with hit-and-run after hitting two men in san francisco's north beach last november. he ran from the scene. today in the hearing the judge will determine if there is enough evidence to force him to stand trial. he is out on bail and on medical live. >> supporters of st. mary's school in san francisco demand the archdiocese work with them to keep the school open. we were in san francisco in chinatown as parents and
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students demonstrateed outside old st. mary's cathedral. the archdiocese said the enrollment is dropping. supporters have raised $15 million they say for the school in the past and want to find a way to save it. >> we are trying to keep it going and are hopeful with dozens trying to keep it going. we want the archdiocese and parents to work with us to put together a plan to weapon it -- to keep it going. >> they are suspending operations in june. 80 students is to find a new school. >> a lot harder to drive and pack at tin peaks, the metropolitan transportation agency is calling for a ban on all vehicle traffic on the eastern side of tin peaks which is the side that has the spectacular views of the city. cars and bitses would be lengthed to the ocean side of the slope. official say the change makes it saver for bicyclists and pedestrians. >> it is a struggle to balance work and life and now state
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lawmaker want to help to give mom and dad more paid time off to spend with their kids. >> if you are repeating kelloggs, put down the spoon. until you see the disturbing change that could be inside your box of cereal. >> but, first, i have bad news for you if you think it is 5:2307. it is actually 6:07 and you missed springing forward on sunday morning. stay tuned.
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>> at dublin, through the heart of dublin, we have wet weather right new. stony creek boulevard, a light shower, and it is sliding to pleasanton and through the vineyards in livermore as you look at buchanan boulevard through the sunol grid, -- grade. low-to-mid 50s if east bay, and santa rosa is friction. dry in san rafael. the next throw difficulties show a distinctive warming trend pushing us to 70 by wednesday and warmer weather after that. i will look at rain gear next.
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>> a couple of problem spots right now from marin county southbound 101 we have solo spinout blocking the left lane and another separate insurance didn't with another accident. we have very slow traffic at 15 minutes from spencer avenue to the golden gate bridge. give yourself center time this morning. manzanita park-'n-ride we have flooded conditions because of high tide and at love the rain. to the north bay in the napa area northbound and southbound 121 is closed because of mud and rock slide. a sig-alert is in affect. one way traffic is through for local residents. we will look at the mass transit options this morning in a few. >> kelloggs is under federal investigation after disturbing video surfaced. the video she as man allegedly urinating on a keg locals
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assembly line in memphis, ten, and the cereal giant was in a labor dispute with the employees the con contaminated product including rice krispie and streets. the food and drug administration announced a criminal investigation as did kelloggs. the company said they are shocked and will work with authorities to prosecute to the full extent of the law. >> an investigation is underway this morning after a pair of warheads were discovered on an international flight. >> also ahead ever thought of your where or sister being annoy presence, you could be right but presence, you could be right but they could
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fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> in vallejo police are trying do find two people accused of stealing high end sunglasses and frames. crime happened last month at bay side family on plaza drive. investigators released the surveillance video of the man and woman. they stole from another eye glass store in january.
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turkey is conducting airstrikes in retaliation against rebels in northern iraq, the rebels are believed responsible for what you are looking at a car bomb that killed 37 people and hurt more than 100 more targeting a bus stop in ankara. the pro kurdish party is condemning this. the obama administration issued a security warning about a plat a security warning about a plat to -- a plan to >> bomb sniffing dogs found missiles on a plane from lebanon that were sent to united states. would was going to receive them? what were they going to be used for? we will check with amie and a look at what is coming up on "good morning america."
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>> next on america the latest from the breaking news amtrak train with 142 passengers derailing in kansas leaving several people injured and this morning, some of the passengers are speaking out. we will have that and so much more next right here. >> thank you. we will see you at 7:00. more paid off time for parents sounds good, but not everyone thinks it is great. >> california lawmakers are working on a measure to allow parents to take three days of paid time off to play more active role if their child's school life. some business say they cannot i ford to give off the three days. >> it is surprising to me with how the economy is and people are always looking for money and where we can find money for good cause. >> anyone should to choose between paying the bills and participating to their child's education. >> the proposal would update california's family and school and partnership act and fought apply to small businesses only those with more than 25
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employees. >> i got the impression o lost drown rats. >> there are a few areas not back to average so we will look at the latest numbers. good morning, everyone. congratulations san francisco. livermore. san jose. more than average since the rain began october 1. but, still, behind, at moffett field and sfo and oakland and santa rosa and i got a tweet that said don't say the drought is not over, we know it is not. okay, i won't. move on, does he want to order anything else? he has not gotten back. >> did he ask you to wipe off that smirk? >> no. 15-18' swells are possible this afternoon, with risk of being swept into the ocean so there is seriousness left over from the storm. you can see moving through young
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city, especially in the higher elevations right to the east of 1238, you can see a nice shower and, also, moving through milpitas out of newark, and mountain view and cupertino, getting a little light shower and that is it for now. you can see over the next six hows it is gone. here is a look at san jose, and you are looking at 101 and 880 where it is barely dry. partly sunny this afternoon and cooler nights and dense fog forming and sunshine and spring warmth this week in the mid-30s to low 40s and mid-to-upper 40s around the bay shore and the thickest fog in the north bay and temperature by thursday, some of us could be hitting 80. sue? >> 47 trains on time for bart this morning and you are looking good if you are headed out this morning for now, a look at the golden gate transit buss, a couple of cancellations 651, and
6:20 am
number 4, and 6:15, number 54 are canceled this morning with other trains coming up in 10-15 minutes behind that. trains are all, 1, 3, 5 for ace, all running on time. slow and go. sluggish along 680 southbound from concord toward the highway 24 and looking at 10-12 minutes and usually it is six minutes so double that up. we will look at the bay bridge commute in a few. >> thank you. and privacy concerns when you download apps and what to do to keep your information private. >> how a brother or sister and keep your weight down. >> this is a look at the bay bridge on the screen with other bay area highways and the bay area highways and the weather on the bottom of
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>> the abc7 news app on go on your schedule. news that lives where you live. >> a warning if you plan to travel, airports across the country are experiencing major delays because the t.s.a. is
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understafferred. officials with the atlanta and seattle and minneapolis st. paul airports have all reported wait times of an hour or more at security checkpoints in past month. officials with the t.s.a. say staffing shortages, increase the security measures and budget cuts have contributed to the problem. >> now, why are apps asking permission to view your contact and pictures before downloading them? did we have a right to deny? >> that is tough. most apps ask for all of the information and even more, if you want the app you generally have to agree, what you can do after that, though, is go in and deny the app access to director security settings, thanks for that question, danny b. >> if you have a question record it and download it #
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>> a good republican to call your little where or sister today and tell them thank you. a study suggests having a younger sibling could be good for your waistline, first-born children with younger siblings were left likely to be obese by the time they hid first grade because you have a built in playmate who weapons you on your toes. >> if you are in surgery would you want your surgeon to focus only on you? they are allowed to operate on more than one patient at a time. the "boston globe" reports a senator is asking senators for provide detailed records about the practice with new guidelines being drafted over double becoming because parents not aware they sharing their surgeon with another patient. >> we are drying out but the impact of the storms will last a while. next, worries in san francisco
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after a hillside began to move during the storms. >> east bay drivers, a big sinkhole is forcing the officials to close a moraga road with the effort to find a cause and how it could impact the commute. >> after lingering light showers we have plenty of dry weather to get back they average and get everything fixed. next, you can get in your card if it is overgrown like mine. if it is overgrown like mine. a
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, thanks for joining us. i am mat colder here for natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. >> welcome to monday we have a lot going on including a big overnight fire at a mission district apartment building and a sinkhole in the east bay that could impact your commute. we will start with meteorologist mike nicco. it is drying out now. >> it seems like i have the quieter story today as the storms are wind down. light green, the lowest level, right there in the northern part of livermore headed to the altamont pass, and you can see from milpitas across 237, santa clara and sunnyvale and cupertino and campbell and saratoga and los gatos and san jose a light shower. we from the east bay hills camera, the air is clean and temperatures are mild, mid-50s, in the mid-to-upper
6:30 am
50s with the threat fading by noon and grab the sunglasses, we will have breaks in the cloud cover in 60 this afternoon. sue? >> an hour ago we had the metering lights turned on at the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see the rules traffic is stacked up to or through the macarthur maze and any are coming from the 80 approach you will have 35 minute drive to research the toll plaza 580 backing up to 24 so areas of slow traffic the we will zoom in to the central valley and westbound near forth flynn a huge pothole is causing plat tires so heads up we will look at marin in a few. >> a dangerous head-on crash on highway four claimed the lives of two people at 11:30 at discovery bay. a car want into a ravine with three adults and three children. two adults died and juan was injured.
6:31 am
the children were recused. an adult in the other vehicle was critically injured. there is no word on the cause. >> pg&e crews are try to restore gas service to 2,500 customers after a sinkhole opened up on the busy street and triggered a gas leak. amy hollyfield is on the scene. amy? >> reggie, 200 pg&e employees are on the way to the scene right now. they will work to get people's gas turned back on. look behind me, at all of the activity going on here as welcomeers are trying to figure out how to deal with the sinkhole at reach boulevard. it opened yesterday at 2:30 and it was complicated when a power pole severed the gas line, with the gas liking they evacuated the movie theater, the gym, the strip mall and people had to shelter in place. the gas was shut off last night and now they have to work to get
6:32 am
it back on. someone is going to come to your door if order to turn the gas on and they have to enter your him. that is how gas is turned back on in situations like this. if people are able to stay home and it is not inconvenience, that is wonderful. if it is going to be an inconvenience we are not asking people to stray home we will still be in the area and we will continue to come identity and people are more than welcome to call our number and society up an -- set up an appointment. >> the ream boulevard -- rheem boulevard is closed so expect detours if you need to get through. >> a few miles away moraga is dealing with another problem, a landslide threatening homes near the moraga country club with the deck and foundation of a home breaking away. a neighboring home is also threatened. the hill started slide on
6:33 am
tuesday. east bay mud owns the hillside. the utility is blamed for not doing more to prevent the disaster after a small land side several months ago. they put on tarps to prevent more soil from washing away and will hire an engineer to determine what needs to be done. parents take their kids to dublin elementary school may have to take another route to get there. a water main break damaged part of the road near the school and the alameda fire tweeted this video and dublin elementary is open but expect detours around the school. officials think the playground may have flooded and will be out this morning to check for damage. >> classes resume at a dozen schools in marin and sonoma, closed by the latest storms. school leaders canceled classes on friday because of the flooding concerns. we have a full list of the schools re-opening at >> heads up to napa county drivers, caltrain tweeted out this photo of a big crack,
6:34 am
multiple cracks, highway 121? napa county from wooden valley from 128, closed because of storm-related damage. the c.h.p. website said that preliminary reports show part of 121 will be closed for a month. >> sonoma to monterey county people are wanted to be careful near the ocean, there is a high surf advisory in affect until this afternoon. at san francisco's ocean beach yesterday, a man said he and his wife usually walking the dog along the water edge but not now. the dogs play in the ocean but right now they are keeping them safe away from the water. >> saturated soil has people worried in san francisco a part of the hillside below an apartment building on 17th gay way sending mud and bounders to the sidewalk. there is no imminent threat but advise property owner to call in a technical engineer to make sure it does not need to be shored you.
6:35 am
>> 175 people evacuated from the thousand trails mobile home park in morgan hill could go home today. it depends on the creek which has risen sharply. the big fear was the creek would swamp the bridge countrying the comp and residents would be trapped. >> i was scary. i was just trying to grab whatever and telling my kids to grab whatever you could grab. >> most residents say with family and friends but several dozen spend the night at the cal fire station in morgan hill. >> we arighteous eight the weather pictures and video you shared with us and we have eastbound a lot of images of reservoirs but when you see the interesting weather happening where you live share it with us #abc7now and you could see it own air or online and track this and down led our free abc news app and enable push alerts. >> breaking news overnight from san francisco's mission district a big fire burned an apartment
6:36 am
complex for a second time. we are there with the dramatic footage of the flames. alyssa? >> matt, scary moms for those who live here who have been through a huge fire at this same building a little over a year ago. firefighters have been here seven hours this morning and i have seen them go up and down the ladders with flashlights shining them into the burned building. this is video from midnight when it was first called in, flames were seen shooting out the roof and the rear of the building, with the weapons and doors boarded up, so firefighters had to actually cut their way inside. the fire spread very fast and went up to three alarms and neighboring apartment building was evacuated and this same apartment building was damned by water during the fire a year ago. firefighters knew exactly where the ending was because they had been here before and it caught on fire in january and this is video from that one person was
6:37 am
killed and investigators say that cause was likely electrical failure. this time around, the cause is under investigation but firefighters suspect that squatters were staying inside. and they set off the heat source. thank you. update on the breaking news from kansas, the national transportation safety board just announced they are sending a team to investigate an amtrak train derailment outside of dodge city in the southwest part of the state. this happened at midnight our time, you are look at new video of the scene, the train was headed from los angeles to chicago and seven of the nine cars derailed five split on their side. emergency officials at the scene said 30 people were rushed to the hospitals and amtrak is helping the rest of passengers get to their final zest nation. >> three jail guards will be arraigned on murder and assault charges, rodriguez, and father list and lubrin are accused of
6:38 am
beating to death a mentally ill inmate and accused of attacking another mentally ill inmate this month. a superior court judge ruled there was enough evidence to proceed to trial that will be held later this year. >> armed robber still lose this morning in the north by. police say the suspect threatened to shoot a store clerk. the store is on hopper avenue. the clerk struggled with the suspect as he fought back. the clerk suffered minor injuries when the robber hit him in the head with a glass bottle. >> people in palo alto find out plans to tackle the remark and packing problems. an idea is to add a business tax to transportation measure that hikes the sales tax by half a cent busy leaders say it will not raise enough money to pay for everything. they are look at public and private partnerships to pay for transportation projects. >> an e-mail from lake tahoe, 4'
6:39 am
of snow. in heavenly. avalanche washing, too much snow until 7:00 and and not wait to see watt measurements end up being usually taken define 7:30 and 8:30. last public of light showers moving through the south bay and inland east bay, i give it an hour and that is it. it is over. temperature in quintonio legrier is politicians and everyone else is around 50 to 54 and elsewhere in the north bay there is clearing taking place at mid-to-upper 40s and the activity lander, the etch ifs through 3:00 we have a dangerous surf and jogging and walking the dog is better. walnut creek is dry at 52. barely in the low-to-mid 50s today, and low-to-mid 60s tomorrow and more of the warm coming up in the seven-day forecast. sue? all the chain rare -- requirements show needed on 50 and highway 88 but 80 is clear.
6:40 am
no delays there. no changes required. slow traffic along the san mateo bridge, no stalls or accidents but it will take 25 minutes to get from hayward to the flat section up and over the high-rise into foster city with slowing from the central valley and a big pothole on the altamont pass causing not tires so heads up, the east shore commute is heavy into the bay bridge. san jose has an accident north 101 near 880 blocking the left lane, traffic is slow from 280 junction. we had an didn't earlier on the waldo grade from robin williams tunnel southbound 101 cleared and i am looking at green sensors so it is not bad into san francisco from marin. we will check with the mass we will check with the mass transit opens coming up.
6:41 am
springsteen surfing the crowd at oracle arena and the song "hungry heart," and laura anthony tweets the videos, the crowd listened to a three-hour concert rocking for over 40 years and he will do it for many years. >> he is 66! he can still crowd the best of them. >> he is the best. on the campaign trail donald trump's rivals are teaming up. all the righty cream that some say is giving some people nightmares. >> but, first, a look from the east bay hills camera, more dry this week and a lot more dry this week and a lot more dry with the forecast
6:42 am
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6:44 am
>> yet eling and punching, wild scenes at rail lids for donald trump and could trump be causing these? >> on saturday, in he a man tried to rush the stage but was stopped by bodyguards. the 22-year-old said the act was preplanned but never intended to hurt anyone. people blame trump's comments as the reason for the violence, and he said the comments will not stop. >> the last debate my daughter and my wife said, don't, just let them say what they want, let
6:45 am
them say what they want. act presidential. i said i can't do that. i can't do that. when necessity come at you we have to go back. don't you agree? >> if trump wins florida and he tomorrow in the primaries he could be unstoppable for the nomination. >> back to the man, donald trump used a, asked video to say he had ties to isis. the man said he has never had anything to do with isis and abc now nothing tying the young man to isis. >> the democratic presidential candidates were at a townhall at he state university, bernie sanders and hillary clinton denouncing the violence of thive vent, bernie sanders denies trump's charge that his supporters are causing the trouble say they have never nowing anyone to disrupt anything. hillary clinton is leading in all five states holding primaries today. we can expect quite the fight in washington, dc, president obama
6:46 am
is going to likely announce a nominee for the supreme court and that could lead to this reaction from republicans who have vowed not to confirm any pick until after the election. one republican senator said they will treat any nominee like a pinata and the white house said they are ready to have a coordinated blitz to weaken g.o.p. resistance to ok'g the president's choice. >> a scandal hurt the reputation of the dugger family they are returning to tv in a new series some of the 19 kids appeared on "good morning america" to talk how they coach of the scandal involving josh after admitting to infidelity and porn problem with the older children on center stage. >> we talked together if we can encourage even one other person out there who is struggling right now it needs to be our goal. >> you can watch the full involve with the dugers right
6:47 am
here. asan francisco could be the first city to have self driving cars into the transportation network part of the department of transportation smart city challenge. seven cities are in the running and to win the $50 million grant for the we south driving car initiative each has to come up with an intent transit debt workizing public and private partnerships and reduces greenhouse gases. the best idea gets the grants and the winner is announced in june. >> people would bought an expensive container of face cream say it is give them nightmares. light rally. here is the money report, jane? >> what a year story. it could be the weirdest story of the day. that in a second but we are lower on wall street, and it is a quiet start. we star the week at highs for stocks and oil for the year with a federal reserve meeting, two day, tuesday and wednesday, so pretty quiet so far.
6:48 am
with slight losses across the board. local hotel will have chinese owners, about to check out of strange hotels and resort and $6.7 billion sale to china's insurance, with "usa today" confirming this. the portfolio includes well-known iconic hotels including st. francis in san francisco and coronado near san diego and fairmont in arizona. not much in life is free and that is true for checking accounts with maintenance fees in first half of the year are averaging now $159 according to money rates which 18% more than the second half of 2001. some users of night cream from skin car brand dr. brand say they are reporting incredibly vivid dreams, some are scary. it was first reported saying
6:49 am
reviewers claimed to have strange dreams and the night cream was used by consumers once a day for 28 days during the nighttime and no concerns are side effects were reported but they are "looking into the product," and it costs $135 for 1.7 ounce which is a nightmare in itself. >> jane king, i like it. thank you. >> happening now the european face age is starting the first stage of a two part mission to determine if mars has had alien life. >> a spacecraft has been launched to reach the red land it in october collecting data and analyze the atmosphere because details of life could be hidden there. they want to figure out how to land big payloads on mars and use solar power to help with future missions. were there aliens on mars, we have mike nicco. >> i have seen the movie.
6:50 am
>> and matt damon was this. >> now, what is going on this morning as we come up on 6:50, you can see the wind blowing ashore and that is why we are cooler-than-average but not so wet as it was on friday and saturday and sunday and danville 3.5" and fremont 1.25" and palo alto at .75" so we are so soaked and saturated. 3:00 this afternoon, the beaches have large breakers and sneaker waves and risk of being swept into the ocean, across the heart of san jose, we have a slight shower from cupertino through saratoga and los gatos on winchester boulevard and a light shower moving through and the santa cruz mountains you can see the clouds breaking up on the exploritorium the case this afternoon and partly sunny. cooler tonight, watch out for dense fog across the north bay and spring warmth is coming back but not today at 58 open low end
6:51 am
to 63 on the high end and that is antioch, look how cold it is going to be tonight, heat are running inland upper 30s to low 40s and mid-to-upper 50s for the rest of us. after 13 consecutive days of wet weather not a single storm impact scale on this, check out the temperatures on thursday, 70 at the coast to nearly 80 inland, spring is almost here. >> 57 bart trains running on schedule this morning and we had some more golden gate transit cancellations, 7:04 out of mill valley route 4 and 7:43 rut 24 out of fairfax so give your set extra heads up. other buses are 10 or 15 minutes later. ace train 1 is on tie. ace train 3 and ace train 5 look good. we san rafael is moving nicely but you are seeing brake lights and tail lights headed southbound beyond the north gate mall and the civic center with 30-minute delay from fair fact
6:52 am
into san francisco. over all traffic map, red shows slowing from the central valley and we have a big pothole on the altamont pass causing not tires and you are seeing slow traffic through hayward on the nasty nimitz and the east shore freeway slowing into the bay bridge toll plaza and north 101 near 880 in san jose stacked from the capital express way for 20 minutes beyond the scene of the accident. stay tuned. >> today is pi day, american 14, or 3.14 is pi day which represents the pay she of circumference of a circle to the diameter. students can go to the san francisco zoo because at the zoo they celebrate pi day so it is free. >> we don't know why. >> just show your student i.d. and the zoo is partnering with the san francisco giant to celebrate pi day with several animals named after bay area
6:53 am
players and coaches. >> i am trying to connect the puzzle together. >> all fun. the zoo. the giants. and pi day. >> and animals love pi. >> stay tuned. ♪ (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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what will you do?ctric nissan leaf... ♪ how far will you go? ♪ how much will you see? ♪ electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. ♪ here are seven things to know before you go. one, tracking light showers
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through the south bay. when that passes that is it for this round. can you sigh the clouds opening. temperatures are well below average. >> two, tracking the monday commute we have slick roads. use extra caution. metering lights are on at 5:29 stacked through the maze. >> three, two people are dead after head-on crash on highway four near discovery day. a car with six people went into the water in a ravine. three children were rescued and an adult. >> breaking overnight, san francisco firefighters say squatters could be to blame for a firefighter inside a vacant building in san francisco in the mission district. the same building burned last year. last in, the inspectors of the city owned -- ordered the to tear it down. >> pg&e will restore gas service to 2,500 customers in moraga
6:56 am
after a light pole severed a gas main. >> are cars going to be banned from the side of twin peaks? >> seven, get ready for this, the contain in japan has a fleet of robots the first to spend to emotion. they study a person's facial expressions and react. ait probably means it is end times. it is definite the end of the show. stay tuned. making news
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in good morning, america. breaking overnight, an amtrak train with 142 people on board jumps the tracks and overturns. at least 20 people injured, one airlifted to a nearby hospital. now passengers describing those terrifying moments. >> they were yelling for help. for loved ones. it went dark. people got thrown around. >> the rescue and the investigation right now. donald trump rivals take him on for the growing violence at his rallies. as the gop frontrunner blames the protesters and bernie sanders for the trouble. >> don't worry about them. i don't hear their voice. >> the make or break vote in ohio. could be the tipping point tomorrow. >> where is richard simmons? the famous fitness guru gone from the spotlight for more than two years. new concerns this morning he's being held against his will.


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